Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years in all cultures. Chinese medicine has a detailed system of traditional pharmacology that helps in the healing process of many different conditions. Herbs have specific actions on the body that are recorded in Chinese medicine under numerous categories such as warming, cooling, calming and stimulating.


A Chinese herbal formula may contain a combination of many different herbs in order to simultaneously address various different health issues and restore overall balance in the system. Traditional formulas have been carefully developed over centuries of experimentation so that the herbs work together synergistically while potentially harmful side effects are neutralised. Herbal medicine is prescribed according to syndrome differentiation (the particular imbalance presenting in the individual) rather than simply giving the same medicine each time for the same condition.

When administered by a qualified practitioner herbal medicine is both safe and effective. Herbs are always prescribed according to the particular requirements of each individual and the response to treatment is closely monitored.

All our herbal products are sourced from a reputable supplier with accreditation from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. There is absolutely no use of animal products or pharmaceuticals in our herbal medicine.

Modern Developments

Chinese herbal medicine is an evolving science that constantly integrates new information. Herbs from other cultures can be adopted if found to be effective and research linking certain formulas to the treatment of specific medical conditions is ongoing.