For the last 25 years Spencer Joseph has studied systems of Eastern and Western thought regarding the mind and body. He has treated thousands of people for a wide range of conditions using an East-West Integrative approach to Well-Being. He offers a range of workshops on the subject of well-being, creativity and resilience, explaining both essential principles and techniques. 
Every moment of our life experience is determined by our ability to become aware of the mind and body. To gain increased self-awareness requires an understanding of key mechanisms that affect our well-being.
This requires an exploration of subjects including the sub-conscious, the effects of the mind on the body and vice versa, information processing patterns, concentration and relaxation techniques, communication strategies, right-left brain function, heart coherence, the autonomic nervous system, posture, nutrition, energetic channels and much more .........
Spencer's theory and method of East- West Integration on these profound subjects offers practical understanding and opportunities for sustainable, positive change.

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"Spencer is a gifted, sensitive and inspiring speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed the training session which was artfully coordinated in the guise of a moving and spoken mediation punctuated by jewels of deep truth. A truly enjoyable day which has given me a lot to think about" 
- Sarah Donald


"Spencer, you are a very perceptive listener and quick to get to the heart of things, and are a brilliant therapist working in a non-interventionist way. You seem to understand psychodynamic processes as well as anyone in the field I have come across"  
- Martin Pick


"Step by step, Spencer unfolded the powerful capacity we all have to achieve deep understanding of ourselves and our true potential, and the skillset we need for the journey. A day of epiphanies for me and I am deeply grateful to have crossed Spencer's path" 
- Katherine Rabeau


“The seminar was really thought-provoking and inspiring.  Spencer is an extremely wise man and shares his knowledge of ancient and modern wisdom from around the world in a very engaging way.  The seminar, previous meditation classes, and one-on-one treatment sessions, have helped me to improve my awareness and understanding of my thoughts and feelings, giving me the opportunity to manage them better.  For me, Spencer’s work is not about the magic one-off revelation that will change your life in five minutes, but about a continuous process of getting to know yourself and learning to think and act in more skilful – and happier – ways.” 
- Corin Taylor


"I attended a one-day workshop with Spencer that centred on how to live with greater awareness and compassion. Spencer is exceptionally skillful at weaving together the principles of various wisdom traditions from Eastern thought to Western psychology in order to help us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. He led our small group from an outline of the grosser aspects of our being, our physical senses and ways of learning, to the more subtle aspects of our being; he did so in such a seamless way that I easily (and somewhat unwittingly) connected with my authentic self -  a beautiful, light and flowing image of myself. This gift of vision allows me to remember that in spite of whatever challenges I may face, I know that essentially all is well. The workshop gave me renewed inspiration to live each moment with more awareness, focusing on what's real and releasing my narrative about reality so that I can experience a greater sense of freedom. Spencer embodies his teachings, especially in his ability to be fully present with the individual and their process. He is a great teacher that I feel fortunate to have stumbled across on my path."
- Shanell Vaughn