Cranio Sacral Therapy 

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a gentle, but powerful system of healing that has emerged from osteopathy over the past 25 years. It can be very effective in releasing patterns of physical and psychological illness that have been held deeply within the body.


Light contact is used by the practitioner on the cranium, sacrum or other appropriate areas. This allows a connection with subtle patterns of motion expressed by the cranio sacral system and the cerebro-spinal fluid that it contains.

These patterns of motion reveal restrictions that can be released using a range of non-invasive techniques, consequently leading to a resolution of ill health within other parts of the body. Since the cranio sacral system is effectively the 'inner housing' of the brain and spinal cord there are many possible benefits to this work.


There is usually a sense of deep relaxation that accompanies the stimulation of self - healing mechanisms. Treatment can address all the major systems of the body and therefore can help many different conditions.